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Disaster Case Management
Disaster Case Management (DCM) is a process that involves a partnership between a disaster case manager and a citizen to develop and carry out an Individualized Recovery Plan.

Services Available

  • Assist eligible citizens with their disaster-caused unmet needs.
  • Assist citizens in problem solving.
  • Long-term needs may include financial, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being.

Implementation Process

Once a citizen is considered eligible by their disaster case manager, the implementation process will begin. (See chart below) The objective of this process is for disaster case managers to:

  • Create relationships with eligible citizens to assess unmet needs and identify resources and support services.
  • Assist each citizen to develop an Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP); which is goal-oriented and outlines stepby-step actions.
  • Locate and connect citizens with available resources and support services.
  • Conduct follow-up activities to monitor progress, advocate for issues and document results and closure during the citizen’s recovery process.

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